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How You Can Help.

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Volunteer and Collaborate

We are always looking for volunteers. We have positions helping out in administration, marketing and event organisation.  

Collaboration and inclusion are some of our most important values and so we would also be happy to hear from you if you would like to share your ideas on how to engage communities. 

Sponsor us

We are open to sponsorship. Please contact us via our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.


Our members are very diverse but united by their common interest. We have several types of membership; Active, Passive and Honorary. 

Active members are individuals or legal entities who contribute to the achievement of our goals and demonstrate their commitment through their actions and commitments.

Passive members: Individuals or legal entities who support our aims but do not meet the admission criteria for active membership. 

Honorary Members are individuals or legal entities who have proven themselves worthy through years of dedication to one or more of our goals.

If you would like to become a member find out who we are in our gallery, and join our team! 


"There is a heck of a lot of “stuff” going on in the World, it is everywhere, and it is in your face all of the time. This “noise” can be more than a distraction, it can build up and ultimately lead to damaging your mental health. I have personally witnessed the destructive nature of poor mental health.

There are lots of mental health and self-health organisations out there, but when I met Lina what struck me was the passion and the purity of the idea. The name says it all; The Human Touch.

In our high-tech world, I firmly believe that The Human Touch provide an engaging vision. Not to ban all the wonderful tech that in many ways enriches our lives, but to remind and indeed enable us to reconnect with something that we have forgotten. The basic art of engaging, interacting, and enjoy other Human company.

The purity and power of their vision clicked with me. Such positive work like this needs help, practical and financial. To that end, I have made a personal donation, and have committed to make regular monthly donations too.

Enable The Human Touch to enable others like you; give what you can, help how you can."

Nigel Derbyshire; CIO of FMP Global; Founder of the Goodness Project;