The key to better mental and physical health


 Project Apollo

We organise educational programs for children in and outside of schools in order to raise their emotional and social intelligence.

We are organise programs for businesses to help develop business managers Social Intelligence to be truly effective in a work context. An emotionally and socially intelligent manager has self awareness and self control; the ability to communicate, motivate and influence others; and capability of building bonds and creating group synergies.

Project Stairway

In Zürich, Switzerland, we want to replicate a project carried out by The Fun Theory, an initiative of Volkswagen. It encouraged people to take the stairs rather than the escalators by making it fun to do. It also facilitated more interaction between people. Project Budget: SFr 20,000.

Project Bigfish

We want to create a fun new indoor space for everyone to enjoy in Zürich, Switzerland to encourage interaction and movement. 

Project Mad Hatter

We want to build five 'islands' in public spaces in Zürich, Switzerland that encourage interaction and movement. 

Project Starbright

We want to organise an Interactive Games Festival in Zürich.